Where it all began

Wow, it’s such a gloomy day outside. Don’t you find some days everything seems dead, like it’s just one boring colour everywhere you look?! I don’t know about you but I have to have some sort of bright colour in my life. I’m a very vibrant person and when it’s grey, dark and wet outside, I struggle to stay cheery :-/
I played around with one of my images yesterday and wanted to add it to this post just purely because its colourful and its of flowers…. two of my most favourite things.IMG_6666 copy.jpg

So back to the main ingredient of my post. Today I would like to expand into my ‘about me’ category. I have given you all a brief little description of where I’m from, what I do etc, however, seeing as though I want to start putting more of an effort into my blogging, I would like to tell you more about where my love of photography started and to get to know all of you a little bit better too.

My love for photography all started when I was very young. I never had my own camera, I only had the one that was on my phone. Every time it was time for me to upgrade my mobile, I only went by the one that had the best camera ability as that’s pretty much all I used my phone for. I come from a family of seven, so money was always tight.
I used to take photo’s of EVERYTHING! Thinking back now, it makes me wonder if that’s why I love trying out new things and photography practically anything.

I got my first ever DSLR back in 2014 which was and still is the canon 750d with a kit lens of 18-55mm lens and I also bought a 50mm prime lens to go with it. I was just so excited to finally have a camera of my very own!
At the time I purchased my camera, I was a full time manageress in a coffee shop working about a 45 hour week. So trying to get the time to practice getting to know my camera and taking photo’s was a real struggle. I plodded on for a few months, asking local businesses if they wanted any free product shots doing so they could share through social media etc. I had a few responses and great feedback which really gave my confidence a kick.
Doing all of this really started up a fire in me and I no longer wanted to do my full time job anymore. I knew that I couldn’t just leave a full time income and go to nothing. I had no regular clients, hardly any experience and no branding whatsoever. I continued with my job and on my days off I would try do as many free shoots as possible to get the experience and to get my name out there. I came up with my branding and got myself a photography profile on social media and had a website done. It was all slowly starting to come together.
There were a lot of things happening at work which was making me very unhappy and stressed. It had been going on for quite some time now so after long talks with my husband, I handed my notice in after 3 years of working for this company.
Thankfully, I had another job offer so I wasn’t left without any work. This was just a 3 month contract though. I’m kind of rambling now so I’ll get back to the photography stuff. With every spare minute I had, I would either be out taking photo’s for my own personal accord or I would be doing the odd product shoot.
I’ve been very lucky with all the help from the local businesses as through them, I’ve had a few of my photo’s printed in the local lifestyle magazine and used as the front covers for some of them too. I had one of them printed today in fact.
Some days I lack all the confidence in my work and think will I ever be good enough to make this my full time business or am I just kidding myself?!

I try my hardest to be as creative with my photography as possible and am always trying to better myself. I also think that for how long I’ve had my camera, teaching myself all the photography basics, that I’m grateful to have achieved what I have in this short space of time. I guess what this post is really about is being grateful for what you have at that moment. Working towards what you want can never be time wasted.

That’s just a little bit more into my background. Please feel so share your experiences, I’d love to know where it all started for you and where you are in your life at this moment.
Thanks for stopping by and I’ll catch you next time 🙂


Trying to stay creative

Today’s post is all about finding ways in which to improve.
In my spare time I always try to find inspiration, whether its from blog posts, photography pages, tutorials or just the usual social media sites.

This morning I read a good article which also gave you a short video clip  – Creative ways to photograph Wedding rings. I thought some of these were very clever and the finished product looked stunning. As I’ve already had a go at photographing my wedding rings, I thought I’d try again after having watched this video baring in mind that I don’t own half the stuff this guy was using. I improvised and used what I had and gave it a go.

So my first image, I used two Photosel standing lights, a 4 in 1 reflector and used the silver cover. I had a white tabletop backdrop and a handheld portable led light to add in a bit of extra light. My camera settings were as follows – ISO 100, F3.2 and shutter speed of 1/200. I had a canon 540EZ speedlight and used my 100mm macro lens so I could really home in on the sapphire of my engagement ring. This was my finished product for this particular shot.

My second image I used all the same lighting, backdrop and reflector. For my bokeh, I used two types of tinsel that I haven’t yet put away from Christmas ( shocking I know ) one blue and one purple to give some nice colour. I also used two silver tablespoons that I positioned quite close to my handheld led light to give off a nice reflection onto the rings. My camera settings were – ISO 100, f2.8, shutter speed 1/200 and the same macro lens.
This was the finished shot .

As you can see from my photo’s to the ones in the video, I couldn’t quite get the two different sorts of lighting as he used a tungsten light to give that warm look and he had other lighting to which I haven’t yet got. I just wanted to show you that you can still produce quite a good shot even if you don’t always have the right equipment. Its also very good practice for when you do finely get the right lights or props etc.
This is good for me to do as I will be shooting my first wedding in March and I need all the practice and advice going 🙂

Well folks, I hope you enjoyed this little post and hope you’re all having a great Tuesday.
See you next time 🙂