About me

Hello fellow bloggers. Welcome to my creative portfolio where I hope I can show you a snippet of what I try to capture.

Let me give you a brief little description of who I am.
I was born in South Africa a little place called Amanzimtoti and lived there until I was 14 before emigrating to the UK. I live in a small town in Nottinghamshire where I have lived since moving to the UK. I’ve lived here for 16 years now. I’m now a married woman going on 3 years. I work part time in a bakehouse specialising in sourdough bread and I dedicate all my other time to my main passion for photography.

I have always loved photography since I was a little sprog. It has only been up until recently that I’ve made my dream into reality and am striving to make it a full time business. At the moment  I specialise in product shots and nature photography. I’m hoping to further my knowledge with portraits and events. I’m always learning and trying out new ways to improve.
I am constantly on Instagram and love following other photographers and getting new inspiration. It’s such a fun, easy way to get your work out there, (probably because you don’t have to write much )  you just post your photo and that’s it!

Anyway, I’m on WordPress to discover other talents, reading other people’s stories and discovering new things. It’s amazing what you learn along the way and I look forward to blogging with you 👍

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