Finding motivation

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted anything for awhile. I have been in one of those ‘can’t find motivation’ moods. It’s not that I haven’t been taking photo’s, its the fact that when I do take them, I don’t seem to be in the right frame of mind so then I don’t feel like they are any good. Anyone else feel like that sometimes?
With saying all that, I went for a walk yesterday to try get some inspiration again. That helps me sometimes, just going out for a walk amongst nature, forgetting all my problems. I only took one lens and set myself an hour. Giving yourself a challenge helps too. Something to aim for. Anyway, I took a walk down on a nature trail about 5 minutes away from my front door. It’s always nice along there. It feels like you are in the middle of a forest, especially in the summer time when the trees are in full bloom.
It was just really nice to get out the house even if it was for an hour. I find if I am cooped up indoors too long I get a little claustrophobic.


After yesterdays walk it made me feel a little more inspired today.
This morning the sun came out for a little while and was shining so beautifully through the window onto my orchids and poinsettia plant , so I thought that I would capture it.
I took a spray bottle and sprayed some water onto the petals for some effect.
I used my 100mm macro lens and I also used my on camera speedlight with a flash diffuser to give it a little softer light. My settings were ISO 100, F4.0 and shutter 1/25 and 1/100.

For the poinsettia plant, my settings were F4.0 ISO 100 and shutter was 1/60 and 1/160

So that was my little shoot for today. It really does amaze me how many things in the home make great subjects. From yesterdays little walk to today’s little shoot, it has put me in a better frame of mind today. I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for stopping by and I will catch you next time 🙂

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