New Year, New Blog

I haven’t been blogging much and thought I would sort myself out this year, so let me start by saying Happy new year to all of you! I hope you all had a great festive period surrounded by all your loved ones and had a ‘merry’ good time 🙂

This year I need to up my game and keep this blog alive and interesting, so this morning I’ve shifted through my site and am starting fresh.

I’ve had quite a few things happen over the past few months. We went to New York for 2 weeks – AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING ( post to follow )
I recently got a part time job to help bring in some money. Its working in a bakehouse that has just opened and they specialise in sourdough. WOW, I never realised how good that type of bread is. Kate, my new boss is pretty darn good with her hands and can really whip up some great bread and cakes!
I’ve been keeping busy with my camera, not really client based but just for my benefit. I try to keep myself motivated as much as I can. Whether it’s going out taking photo’s or setting up my lights etc at home. Its all good practice 🙂
One major thing that happened late last year which I feel extremely proud of is that I entered a competition for a local newspaper in my area. It was for Photographer of the year 2016 and miraculously I came second place!   This is the little fella ….Spider.jpg

I was so incredibly over the moon with this as it was my first competition that wasn’t just for fun through social media.
I haven’t been taking photo’s for that long and to get this printed in a newspaper was a very big moment for me. It gave a me a confidence boost as well. As like most photographers… we very rarely think we are any good :-/

Anyway, I thought I would just give you all a quick catch up with what has been going on the past few months. I shall be more on top of my blog posts this year and hopefully keep you all interested.

Have a great day and I’ll update you all soon 🙂

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